Our data is currently visible on under the callsign KB3ROH-11. You’ll have to tell the interface to let you see the past couple days. Unfortunately, it seemed our tracker stopped recording heights at 40,000 feet (which may be the satellites it was connected to or something else).
Its last known position was near Harrington, at 33,528 feet (and sinking) and moving at 37 MPH.
The temp there was -34.1 C, Relative Humidity at 16% and pressure of 28121 Pascal.
If the temps got too cold in the box, the microcontroller may not have been able to get enough juice from the batteries and so some of the reports may have been lost by the framework and tossed out due to a time constraint on the packets. At the moment, we know of a couple places to make some improvements to help deal with that. We have some other improvements to make in general as there were definitely some things learned during this launch.
It was very exciting!

Dr. Shaun Ramsey