Getting our SWR Down!

First, a huge shout out to N3DOU, Bill Clark, for the use of his incredible expertise and the amazing magic box the MFJ 269 RF Analyzer. With this we were able to see that our QFH antenna was resonant at a lower frequency than we needed by about 3MHz which amounts to about 2 inches in wavelength and each of our segments was roughly a wavelength. With a quick rearrange to our antenna, we had our SWR down from several hundred to 1.4. With a few snips we were down to 1.2. And with one last tiny nibble, we were down to 1.0! The image shows the first two snips and the little particle on the right is our final snip! So we are now good to go with this antenna! The image below has 4 blocks per inch and so you can see our last snip is less than a quarter inch.


One thought on “Getting our SWR Down!

  1. Lawrence

    This is interesting stuff! Seems that you’ve got the camera and antenna figured out now. I can’t wait to read about the weather balloon’s maiden voyage!

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