Hack HD Full Battery test. Taking 3 AA Energizer “Pile Alkaline” batteries at full charge, we pushed them into the HackHD and hit continuous record.
The recording lasted 29min 32seconds of mostly static images (it was pointed up and the only thing changing was a corner of my computer screen). The audio was dynamic. The file size is 2.7GB which ranks in at about 1GB per 10 minutes. This is as we expected.

At the start, the batteries had 1.55V each and at the end 1.405V each. The HackHDs will power up at this point (since the batteries are still quite usable), but only for 30s-60s of video and then they’ll save the video and power down. This is a great feature to save your current video when power gets low but from what I can tell, there should still be enough voltage to push on. This is going to be a serious problem! I’ve some ideas and I’ve contacted HackHD to figure out how the power curves affect when the shutoff will occurr.

In other news, we’re now on APRS. You can check http://aprs.fi and search for my call KC3AWU to see us working hard here in the Toll Science Building at Washington College.

Lastly, we’re building antennas! Our QFH had some serious SWF but we’re working on that and a whip antenna! More news (by others) on that progress coming soon hopefully.