Android App Development and Payload

We’re still working on the electronics required to radio live telemetry back to earth. Fast Scan TV may be our best option for video, but it won’t be optimal. Our HD camera is digital, but Fast Scan Television equipment uses is designed for analog cameras, and transmits a far less than HD analog signal. There hasn’t been much progress in Amateur Radio towards adopting newer digital television standards, particularly ATSC, which is the North American digital television standard. Most experimentation has been with DVB standards, which consumes less bandwidth, but is primarily used in Europe and can’t be natively received by modern televisions intended for the North American market.

We’ve been experimenting with Arduinos and a Raspberry Pi. We can use an Arduino to read data from a couple sensors, and are working on building a prototype that can be used to accurately calibrate the barometer. We’re still working on the Pi; we need to order a cable so we can keep the header pins intact.

We’ve also been experimenting with developing an app for Android. It’ll have pretty graphics and be able to access the telemetry as it’s posted on the Internet. This should be extremely helpful when trying to track the balloon.